Thursday, April 12, 2012

He is ok, really, he is.

Ok. So. I laid off of Santana for two weeks, which, made me nervous as he has two big NATRC rides coming up in two weeks... I worry about him losing conditioning.... Anyway. I went riding after the lay-up at the Goldfields with the A Team of trail riding, Sherrie, Kandace and Cathy. I was in amazing company. I was leery and a bit worried about him. We did about 6 miles ir so, and , he seemed to be fine. But, then, I was told by his chiro-vet that she was a tad worried about his suspensory ligament, that it seemed a bit puffy. Not knowing ANYTHING about suspensory injuries, onto the great big WWW i went. YIKES!!!!! This could be really, really serious, like,yard art for life serious. I decided to contact my vet at Arizona Equine to have an ultrasound done. They were able to get him in the next morning. Dr. Voss did a basic exam and some lameness tests. (he is a lameness specialist...)Turns out, my panic was all for nought. Santana was just fine. No need for the (expensive ) ultrasound. He has some little "imperfections" that he has probably had since he was a baby, but, it was nothing that would ever affect his performance. He told me to ride him as if he never went tot the vets. That there was absolutely nothing wrong. THAT made me feel a lot better, as this weekend is Kandace's big birthday bash up in Prescott National forest. The following week Sherrie and I head to California for a NATRC ride, and two weeks later, another one. So, I really didn't want to miss out on all the fun if Santana needed to be pulled for all of this. But, he is fine. So, more posts to follow....

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