Friday, February 24, 2012

Santana did me proud

Sooo. I know, I know. It has been forever since I posted. But, not much exciting has been going on. I continued to work with Santana. This year was the year I was going to enter him in his first NATRC ride. No excuses. I got really, really lucky (mostly due to very unfortunate circumstances) to make some new friends. These gals are NATRC Queens. They know what they are doing. Kandace French got me hooked up with Sherrie Bray. Turns out, Sherrie and I are neighbors. Sherrie took me and Santana on and helped us train for the ride. She put up with allll my silly questions, and pushed me out of my comfort zone. She also got my horse addicted to black oil sunflower seeds. Yep, she made me wear my big girl panties every ride.
The Bumble Bee ride was last weekend. I was nervous. Very nervous. But I had Sherrie with me, and she just kept telling me to breathe the times I wanted to throttle my boy.

Well, long story short, we did great. Santana won 1st place high point horse in the lightweight division. I won for eider. and he won Sweepstakes for top horse in both divisions. Oh, and he won best in his breed (though there were only two of us...)

It was a great day afterall. I think we are goingto go to California and compete for Regional awards......stay tuned....